Cash Management Services

Cass Daily Sweep

A treasury management product that automatically pays down your line of credit by transferring excess funds from your operating account. When the line of credit is paid in full or if you do not have a line of credit, excess funds are automatically invested in an interest bearing account. How It Works

  • Minimizes interest expense by using excess funds to reduce debt.
  • Excess funds are automatically invested.
  • Daily transfers to and from the line of credit or investment account eliminate costly overdrafts and ensure excess balances are used to reduce debt or earn interest.
  • Service charges can be covered by balances maintained in the non-interest bearing accounts or deducted from the account each month.
  • Customer chooses the balance to keep in the operating account if fees are paid.
  • Interest earned on your investment account is credited monthly and automatically reinvested.
  • Monthly operating account statement details daily transfers to and from the line of credit and/or investment account.

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