Cash Management Services

Cass Deposit Connection

Providing your company with a secure and efficient way to make deposits. How It Works

  • Convenient 24-hour deposit capability. You can deposit checks anytime, even nights, weekends, and holidays. And you can do it from your own office.
  • Checks deposited until 4 pm (Central Time) are processed the same day.
  • Improved cash flow due to a more efficient deposit process.
  • Decreased fraud risk. The shorter check clearing time frame offers you better protection against check fraud.
  • Faster return of checks returned for insufficient funds.
  • By eliminating trips to the bank, increase security - for your staff and for your deposit.
  • Lower check-preparation costs and time. Much of the labor of check-preparation is eliminated, lowering deposit costs and reducing employee hours.
  • Reduced deposit-collection costs. You can consolidate regional or nationwide deposits into a single account, which decreases collection costs.
  • No more driving to the bank to deposit checks. The process is entirely electronic.
  • Eliminate photocopying or microfilming of checks for record keeping purposes.
  • Improves ease of check research.
  • Justification for daily deposits, including small dollar deposits that would normally be held for several days.

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