Meet the Leadership Team

Dwight Erdbruegger
Dwight ErdbrueggerPresident
Dwight Erdbruegger joined Cass Bank as president in July 2018. Dwight has more than 31 years of commercial banking experience and is actively involved in the St. Louis community.
Jeanne Scannell
Jeanne ScannellExecutive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
Jeanne Scannell joined Cass in 1997 and is responsible for the management of the bank’s risk policies and credit administration. Jeanne has over 31 years of commercial banking experience.
Mark Benten
Mark BentenExecutive VP, Sales and Marketing
Mark Benten joined Cass in 1997 and is responsible for the sales and marketing for all bank divisions. Mark has over 31 years of banking experience.
Doug Hoffman
Doug HoffmanExecutive VP, Treasurer
With more than 36 years of industry experience, Doug Hoffman is responsible for treasury management for Cass Bank’s and the parent company’s investment portfolios. He joined Cass in 1990.
Michelle Gottlieb
Michelle GottliebSenior VP, Credit Administration
Michelle Gottlieb joined Cass in 1995 and is responsible for credit administration and loan review. Michelle has over 26 years experience in risk management and regulatory oversight.

Meet the Bank Divisions Leadership

Chris Dimond
Chris DimondExecutive VP, Faith Based
Based in Colorado, Chris Dimond manages the faith based division for Cass. Chris has helped religious organizations and non-profits through sound financial planning and responsible borrowing for 27+ years.
Eric Giering
Eric GieringExecutive VP, Commercial
Eric Giering has more than 31 years of banking experience including leadership roles in commercial lending, credit underwriting and credit management. He is actively involved in the St. Louis community. Eric joined Cass in 2019.
James Downing
James DowningSenior VP, Franchise/Restaurant
James Downing joined Cass in 2021 and is responsible for the franchise/restaurant division. James has more than 30 years of commercial banking experience. His primary focus throughout his career has been on middle market commercial and industrial lending, including several years of working with McDonald’s operators on restaurant remodels, rebuilds and acquisition financing.
George Hoeffner
George HoeffnerSenior VP, Equipment Leases
George Hoeffner joined Cass Bank as Director of Equipment Finance in 2019. George has more than 29 years of commercial banking experience.

Meet the Commercial Banking Team

Marva Halbert Cass Commercial Bank

Marva Halbert
Relationship Manager
Vice President

Jaime Jankowski
Relationship Manager
Vice President

Mark Wolz
Relationship Manager
Vice President

Todd Turner
Relationship Manager
Vice President

Meet the Faith Based & Non-Profit Banking Team

Lincoln Vermeer Cass Commercial Bank

Lincoln VerMeer
Relationship Manager
Senior Vice President

Dan Mikes
Relationship Manager
Senior Vice President

Brad Martin Cass Commercial Bank

Brad Martin
Relationship Manager
Vice President

Rod Randall Cass Commercial Bank

Rod Randol 
Relationship Manager
Vice President

Steve Hron Cass Commercial Bank

Steve Hron
Relationship Manager
Vice President

Michael Porter
Relationship Manager
Assistant Vice President

David Schoch Cass Commercial Bank

David Schoch
Portfolio Manager
Assistant Vice President

Meet the Services Team

Dorothy Smith Cass Commercial Bank

Dorothy Smith
Branch Banking Services
Senior Vice President

Amy Norris Cass Commercial Bank

Amy Norris
Compliance | Special Projects
Senior Vice President

MaryBeth Lee
Operations Manager
Senior Vice President

Brigitte Clemons Cass Commercial Bank

Brigitte Clemons
Client Support Manager
Assistant Vice President

Cassie Boyer Cass Commercial Bank

Cassie Boyer
Treasury Management Officer