Cash Management

Manage and view your cash with ease, when you bank with Cass. We make it easy to make deposits, pay invoices, move money across accounts and stay in control of your finances. To prevent fraud, you can even create a “white list” of named organizations that are the only entities authorized to debit money from your accounts via ACH. Any other withdraw attempt would be restricted by Cass.

Banking should never be a hassle or a time drain; Cass Bank offers services to align with your needs for liquidity, safety and growth. Cass partners with industry-leading technology providers so we can offer you sophisticated services and online tools that put time back in your day.

Remote Deposit Capture

Eliminate those unnecessary trips to the bank with Deposit Connection®.

  • Convenient, 24-hour deposit capability. Deposit checks at night or even weekends and even holidays.
  • Checks deposited until 4 p.m. Central time are processed the same day.
  • Faster return of checks returned for insufficient funds can improve your collections rate.
  • Accepts both Canadian (CAD) and US (USD) dollars.
  • Less check preparation, which lowers your costs.
  • Eliminate photocopying checks for record keeping.
  • You can justify daily deposits, since the process is so straightforward.
  • The Cass team will take care of equipment set up – with just a small desktop scanner and an internet connection, you’re ready to go in minutes.
check scanner

Online Bill Pay

You can pay bills online when you want, or have them set up to be paid automatically. It’s easy to get started by setting up a few accounts you wish to be paid, such as utilities.

Positive Pay

Cass encourages its customers to use our Positive Pay service for both ACH and check payments to prevent fraud. When you use these services, you are able to communicate directly with Cass Bank as to what payments you have authorized.

  • Positive Pay for Check Payments
    You create a file that lists all payments issued by check. The document will list the check number, the amount paid and the vendor name. The file is sent to Cass so that when checks are presented to Cass for payment, we compare each check against the list. Cass will ensure that the check number, vendor name and payment amounts match. Set up is easy.
  • Positive Pay for ACH Payments
    You can also use Positive Pay to prevent fraudulent ACH withdrawals from hitting your account. Simply provide us with a list of those entities and we will do the rest. This important security step minimizes the risk of unauthorized entries posting to your account.

If you have any questions about these services or want assistance getting set up on Positive Pay, contact Cassie Boyer, Cash Management Representative at (314) 506-5587 or Customer Service at (314) 506-5678.

Zero Balance Accounts

For ease of managing disbursements for several different divisions or business purposes, you can set up zero balance accounts (ZBAs) that are funded by a master operating account. ZBAs streamline your workload by eliminating the need to fund and track the balances for several accounts. For example, you might fund a central operating account and set up several associated ZBAs to manage expenses for dedicated purposes – such as payroll, taxes or healthcare – or expenses associated with particular programs, geographies, products or business segments. When an ACH or check is presented against the account, the funds flow from the central account to ZBA for payment. Your statements will show the outgoing totals for each ZBA, providing clear visibility to your organization’s expenses.

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Cass Bank consistently earns the highest rating – 5 Star Superior by Bauer Financial – for its financial soundness.
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