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Credit Services

Line of Credit

  • Can be used to finance working capital
  • Secured and unsecured lines available
  • Daily sweeps can be made to your operating account
  • Interest payments can be automatically deducted from your operating account

Cass Term Loans

You can borrow to refinance existing debt, increase your working capital or purchase commercial real estate. Cass can be very flexible in how we support your needs for change, growth and improvements.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • For new property acquisition or refinancing
  • Amortizations up to 20 years
  • Loan principal and interest payments can be automatically deducted from another Cass account
  • Fixed or floating interest rates


  • Cass can help you restructure your existing debt

Construction/Renovation Loans

  • Floating rates with interest-only during the construction phase
  • Convertible to amortized real estate loan at completion of project

Equipment Financing

  • Maturities from two to five years
  • Loan principal and interest payments can be automatically deducted from another Cass account
  • For new or used equipment/technology

Cass Commercial Credit Card

  • Company and individual cards available
  • No annual fee with a minimum of one purchase annually
  • Monthly management reporting both summaries and details of each cardholder purchase
  • Consolidated billing option
  • You set the credit limits for the company and for individual cardholders
  • Manage the account online, with full visibility to all transactions

Letters of Credit

  • A letter of credit issued by Cass lets you utilize Cass Bank’s credit worthiness
  • Documentary and standby letters of credit available
  • International letters of credit available for those with global trading partners
  • Cass can arrange letters of credit issued by correspondent banks as well

Consistently Rated Superior, Cass is a 5-Star Bank

Cass Bank consistently earns the highest rating – 5 Star Superior by Bauer Financial – for its financial soundness.
See what makes Cass Bank unique.

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