What our Customers Say

Faith-Based and Non-Profit Clients

“After three building projects and a radio station purchase, Cass continues to be a reliable and faithful ministry partner all along the way. It’s not the bank that matters but people. We are grateful for all that the team at Cass has done over the years to support the ministry here in Aurora, Colorado.”

Calvary Chapel, Aurora, Colorado, Pastor Ed Taylor

“Cass Bank may be our lender, but more importantly, we view them as a ministry partner. We greatly appreciate the Church Banking Team at Cass who has taken the time to get to know our ministry and our leadership team and has proven time and time again their commitment to be a blessing to our church.”

Calvary Chapel of Boston, Rockland, Massachusetts, Pastor Randy Cahill

“Cass has been a tremendous ministry partner for Redeemer. They desire to be part of the fruitful things happening in our community and their relationship with our church is evidence.”

Redeemer Presbyterian, Overland Park, Kansas, Pastor Tony Felich

“Westminster Christian Academy has worked with Cass Bank for over 20 years. They’ve helped us finance two significant construction projects. During the more recent project we received bids from other lending institutions. We didn’t hesitate staying with Cass for the project because we’ve always felt like they view us as more than just a balance in a ledger. Cass views our relationship as a partnership. Our successes are their successes. They’ve encouraged us to pursue our vision while also ensuring that there are reasonable safeguards in place to help ensure our long-term success.”

Westminster Christian Academy, St. Louis, Missouri, Westminster Christian Academy

“Here at Wildwood we believe that ministry flows out of relationships. That has been our experience with Cass Bank. They locked arms with us when we built our first building. They stretched out their hand to help when we needed parking for new growth. Now we are going into our second phase and once again we are doing this together. They are trustworthy partners in the kingdom work.”

Wildwood Calvary Chapel, Yucaipa, California, Pastor Chris Fraley

“As with many religious organizations, being non-profit can present a different set of financial challenges. I am happy to say Cass Bank has been not only a financial institution willing to work with those challenges, but has always gone the extra mile to help provide solutions and options to overcome those challenges.”

Calvary Chapel, Cary, North Carolina, Pastor Rodney Finch
“Cass Bank has been a huge blessing to our church family. They understand churches and have a heart for the kingdom. You will find that they take the time to explain the process and have the best interests of the church in mind. We would highly recommend partnering with Cass Bank. We have experienced a great long-lasting relationship.”
Rocky Mountain Calvary, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Eric Cartier
“As the CFO of Focus on the Family, it has been a real pleasure to partner with Cass Bank … They have taken the time to understand our ministry as well as our financial needs and have consistently worked with us to help us accomplish our mission. This was especially true this past year when we decided to develop the land surrounding our campus. Rod Randol went above and beyond in completing the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. It is without hesitation that I would recommend to any church or ministry the services of Cass Bank.”
Focus on the Family, Dan Mellema