What our Customers Say

Business Clients

BECS was looking for a local bank that feels like a business partner and whose decision-making team we could work with. Cass Bank has been a tremendous support and is exactly the type of bank we were looking for.”

BECS Technology, Tim Bell, Vice President

“Cass Bank has been a loyal and responsive business partner to Contegra Construction Company. We know exactly who to call and enjoy doing business with a local community bank that supports our financial needs every step of the way.”

Contegra Construction Company, Sean Ketcherside, Chief Financial Officer
Cass Commercial Bank and Armstrong Teasdale have an outstanding long-term business relationship that spans over 100 years. We are fortunate to have such a relationship and look forward to continuing it for many years to come.”
Armstrong Teasdale, John Beulick, Managing Partner

“I learned a lot from my dad about how to treat people and what a respectful relationship should look like. He has been gone for over a decade now, but those lessons still resonate with me as I guide our 95-year-old business forward throughout the years. The relationship with Cass is one of those special relationships that he spoke of – one that represented the best ideals of working together with respect, trust, and credibility. I am truly grateful for their support and guidance of two generations of Kaemmerlen’s.”

Kaemmerlen Electric, Bob Kaemmerlen, President