The parent company of Cass Commercial Bank, Cass Information Systems, has acquired the Gyve On-Line Generosity Platform from Brighton, Michigan-based Gateway Giving, LLC.

Formed in 2015, Gateway Giving developed and operates a digital generosity platform that enables faith-based and non-profit organizations to cultivate giving among members and benefactors by offering them six ways to bestow a gift.

The three founders of Gateway Giving will join a new division within subsidiary Cass Commercial Bank known as Gyve Generosity Services. The new entity combines the on-line platform with generosity advising, success coaching and bank offerings that include lending and depository services.

“Bringing Gyve into the Cass family complements our product set,” says Dwight Erdbruegger, president of Cass Commercial Bank. “It is unique in that it fosters a culture of generosity wherever it is employed. This gives us a competitive advantage among banks in providing the kind of growth-oriented support that faith-based and non-profit organizations need to thrive.”

Cass Commercial Bank has been involved in the faith-based sector since 1994. It has 250 faith-based and non-profit clients across the U.S. with a book of business exceeding $400 million.

“Round Up” Feature Boosts Generosity

Users of the downloadable Gyve app can donate by texting; by creating a recurring or one-time gift with a card or checking account; by swiping a card at a kiosk; or through a feature called Round Up. Donors who sign up for Round Up agree to round up everyday transactions in their card or checking account to the nearest dollar and donate the change to their chosen organization.

“There is tremendous excitement about Gyve,” notes Chris Dimond, Cass Bank senior vice president, “especially the Round Up feature which is an easy-to-understand, simple-to-implement way to promote generosity in everyday life.”

“With unmatched reporting and analytics tools, Gyve is a best-in-class donation portal,” says Dustin Bosscher, a Gyve founder. “Organizations bringing Gyve aboard see an increase in generosity and gain greater awareness of their fiscal health. With Cass, we can now offer more than just coaching and best practices. We have a resource for products and services that organizations need to grow.”

“Combining Gyve with Cass adds power to our mission,” says Dave Dummitt, a founder of Gyve. “With Cass, Gyve becomes more than a donor portal. We can now cultivate generosity, backed by the power of a bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve. We’re a trusted advisor and a complete financial partner.”

“Gyve Generosity Services is a compelling extension of our product offering, one that blends 60 years of experience facilitating payments with our knowledge of finance for faith-based and non-profit organizations,” adds Eric H. Brunngraber, chairman and chief executive officer of Cass Information Systems.

Another Gyve founder, Morgan Mudge, sums it up: “Gyve makes it easier to live generously. Cass makes it easier for faith-based and non-profit organizations to pursue their goals. Together, we make it possible for our clients to thrive and make a difference in their communities.”