On Friday, April 21st, the enchanting charm of St. Charles, Missouri, was accentuated by a delightful fundraising event, Sunset Sips, hosted in support of the SHARE organization. Against the backdrop of a setting sun, attendees gathered at Le Belle Coeur to raise funds and awareness for SHARE – Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support.

SHARE, a beacon of hope for families navigating the profound grief of pregnancy and infant loss, offers a network of support, resources, and compassionate guidance to those in need. With a mission to provide comfort and healing, SHARE stands as a vital pillar of strength for individuals and families across the nation. Visit NationalShare.org to learn more about their invaluable work.

The Sunset Sips event shimmered with the essence of magic, drawing inspiration from the beloved world of Harry Potter. Attendees donned their finest robes and wizarding attire, transforming the evening into a whimsical celebration. The air was filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the shared commitment to support a worthy cause.

Central to the evening’s festivities was a captivating silent auction, where attendees had the opportunity to bid on an array of enchanting items and experiences. From magical memorabilia to exclusive collectibles, the auction offered something for every wizard and witch in attendance. All proceeds from the auction directly contributed to SHARE’s mission of healing and support. At the end of the auction, SHARE surpassed their goal of raising $25,000 thanks to all that donated.

Among the event’s highlights was the generous support of Cass Commercial Bank, serving as one of the sponsors. Their commitment to community and compassion underscored the spirit of giving that permeated the evening.

As the stars emerged in the twilight sky, attendees were reminded of the profound impact of their generosity. Every donation, whether large or small, serves as a drop of hope for those traversing the difficult journey of pregnancy and infant loss. By standing together in solidarity, we can provide comfort, understanding, and solace to those in need.

To continue supporting SHARE’s invaluable work, we encourage you to make a donation today. Your contribution will help ensure that SHARE can continue to provide vital resources, support groups, and counseling services to individuals and families facing the unimaginable pain of pregnancy and infant loss.

Together, let us honor the memory of precious lives lost and offer hope to those who grieve. With your support, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless individuals touched by the compassionate mission of SHARE – Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support.